Count your Temtem encounters without leaving the game

Download the Luma Counter Software and log in with your Temtem France account to continue or create your hunts directly with the software. The software is available in English!

You can display your counters on top of your game to keep your hunt in sight!

The Luma Counter is regularly updated with new features.
Update it with one click as soon as you see the icon in the top right-hand corner!

More than just a counter

Customize the software as you wish: choose your preferred language, set your hunting parameters with a multitude of options and even select your favorite wallpaper.

Thanks to the Temtem France overlay, you can take advantage of many additional tools, such as NPC searches for your deliveries!

It accompanies you on your hunt

The software also lets you quickly see who's in the Saipark and start a hunt quickly. Multi-hunt by selecting up to 10 counters. If you're a streamer, you can even easily integrate the counters into your stream!


You'll also be able to see which hunting groups you're participating in, and display the participants' overlay to follow your friends' progress on their hunts in real time!


Update history:
All over your game Update
sunday, the 26th of november 2023
  • Modifying the configuration interface
    • Accessible from all interfaces
    • Options grouped together for greater clarity
    • It is no longer necessary to restart the application when changing language.
    • Added a hunt sorting option (thanks to Kaaena for the idea)
    • Opacity control for certain overlays
  • Added community hunt overlay (you'll have to go through the site to join or create a group)
  • Added the ability to pin hunts to your list (thanks to yêllX for the idea)
Garbage Collection Update
Lazy code Update
Shit code Update
Bad fall Update
Ladder Update