Season 6 of Temtem is here!

Monday, the 29th of january 2024 at 09h00
Mise à jour Temtem Patch Notes

The new season: Frozen Tales is now available on Temtem! A new Trainer's Pass with lots of new cosmetics has been added, as well as new features such as the replays system, the location of Temtems you've captured on their card, an improved emote wheel with 10 pages for up to 120 accessible emotes, improvements to the game's quality of life and, of course, balancing!

You can also get a free Paharo mount by subscribing to the official Temtem Newsletter! To collect it, you'll need to enter the coupon code you've received by e-mail in the main menu and go to the boot of a Temporium.

NOUVELLE Saison, les REPLAYS et NOUVEAU CONCEPT - Temtem France Le patch 1.6 apporte la saison 6 de Temtem avec son lot de nouveautés !... Patch 1.6 – Crema

Sources : Crema

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