New Temtem game announced!

Friday, the 2nd of february 2024 at 20h14

A brand new game in the Temtem universe has been announced! We got a teaser from Crema today at 6 p.m.! We don't have any more information than what we can see in this little video, but there's plenty to theorize about: What genre will the game be? MOBA? RTS? Tower Defense? Anything else? What's the release date?

Feel free to leave your theories in the comments! I'll leave you with the TemActu teaser:

NOUVEAU jeu TEMTEM ANNONCÉ - Temtem France CREMA vient de teaser un tout nouveau jeu Temtem ! Des Temtem possédés ? Un...

Sources : Crema

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Syndicat des Tateru
Previously on AMC the walking temtem. xD
Commentaire posté Thursday, the 8th of February at 14h20
Syndicat des Tateru
Trop hâte !!
Commentaire posté Tuesday, the 6th of February at 15h53